Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic Scaffolding from JB Scaffolding

We undertake all types of domestic scaffolding from chimneys to roofing or just maintenance at height, we provide homeowners with all the scaffolding support they need.

We regularly work with homeowners and small builders providing a wide range of scaffolding suited specifically to domestic properties.

Even if you can reach something with a ladder it’s always safer to work on a scaffold providing a sturdy footing and space to move around. Our domestic structures are perfect for roofing work, extensions and loft conversions and provide the safest of working environments.

We make it easy for small builders and homeowners by offering a complete service.

One call to us and we will conduct a free survey, design the solution and provide a free quotation.
Once you confirm the job, we will deliver and erect the solution quickly and effortlessly, then dismantle and take away at the end of the project.

Our reputation proceeds us in providing a safe and cost effective solution whether the project be a small domestic scaffold or a series of new builds.

Please contact us today for a free quote

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